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An internal error occurred (Unexpected data length). “If you are still having problems, send a service report to Victron Energy. An internal error occurred (Opcode not supported). Please send a service report to Victron Energy. Perhaps the bond information is no longer valid? Please remove the product from the list of paired devices and retry.

firmware file corrupt iphone 12

After getting the reasons of this error, I started to look for solutions. You can also download IPSW files manually from third-party sites such as, which you can then use to downgrade the system software on the iPhone and iPad. You’ll see several DMG (Apple Disk Image) and PLIST (Property List) files, including a folder holding the iPhone, iPad, or iPod firmware, if you ever choose to extract one.

In some cases, iTunes/Finder will detect that your iPhone is in recovery mode and show the above window. If not, you can put your iPhone into recovery mode manually. As a rule, we can do nothing if iPhone won’t turn on due to hardware issues, so you had better take your iPhone to Apple Store. All solid-state drives (SSDs) have a limited lifespan. This lifespan corresponds to the number of write/erase cycles SSDs can accept before data corruption becomes unavoidable.

  • How to fix iOS devices not compatible firmware with TunesKit iOS System Recovery?
  • If so, your Mac is facing a software/firmware problem, which is why the Mac screen has gone black.
  • Since steps to ‘force restart’ varies with iPhone model.

Go ahead and choose your preferred solutions to fix iPhone won’t restore problem and unleash the true potential of your device. In order to fix iPhone won’t restore error like this, check the quality of the USB/lightning cable. Try using a different computer or replace your cable. An error like this might happen due to a hardware issue. If you still get it, then you might need to put your device on recovery stage while connecting it to your system. The connected product does not match the specified model in the file. Could not start updating, firmware is not for this product.